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  • Thank You

    Now that the posters are being taken down and the offices cleared I can reflect on what an honour it remains to be elected by your own community to represent them on Dublin City Council. I recall the words the late Dan Spring said to me many years ago “It is easy to be elected…

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  • Need for Public Information Meetings

    Arising from the meeting last night in the RDS on the City Development Plan and as promised, I have tabled the following Emergency Motion for the next meeting of the South East Area Committee.  I believe it encapsulates the request and intention of those present.  It is also something that I would like to see…

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  • Local Government (Article in Village Magazine)

    The following article appears in today’s Village magazine. “Should I stay or Should I go?” So sang The Clash in their classic hit of the 1980’s. According to “Village” it is a question being asked by many members of City and County Councils, particularly in the Dublin area. In the December issue, former Councillor, Mick…

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  • A Long, Eventful Week

    What a week it’s been!  Government meltdown, FÁS in even more trouble, Labour rising in the polls (slowly but steadily!) and perhaps above all Eamon Gilmore’s Leaders address to Party Conference – it was stunning in impact and solid in content.  A few digs at the Fianna Fáil Government and their seemingly pointless Green Party…

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  • Councillors & Planning Laws (Letter to the Editor)

    Letter to the Editor of The Irish Times, published 12th November 2008 Madam, – Your Editorial “Planning laws and best practice” (November 7th) displayed as balanced an approach to planning and the role of councillors that I have seen in a long time. I will leave it to others to defend those “greedy builders”; I…

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  • Pembroke-Rathmines – New Electoral Boundaries

    As some of you may know, the new areas for the Local Elections have now been determined and Donnybrook is now part of the new Pembroke-Rathmines area.  That area will elect six City Councillors, and Labour has selected Councillor Mary Freehill, Councillor Oisin Quinn and me to contest. We believe it is possible to retain…

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  • Let Battle Commence

    We had a great Selection Convention in The Mansion House for the Pembroke-Rathmines and the South East Inner City wards.  The Selection Conventions were chaired by well known blogging politician, Dominic Hannigan, and hosted by the Dublin South East Labour Party.  Kevin Humphreys and Maria Parodi were selected for the South East Inner City –…

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  • Councillors went to Baltimore… in Cork (Letter to the Editor)

    The Editor, The Sunday Tribune (published 24th August 2008) Sir, I am loth to correct a rare and seemingly unimportant detail in your esteemed newspaper. However, on this occasion I seek your indulgence. The report, last Sunday, that I, along with some City Council colleagues, travelled overseas to Baltimore has the possibility of causing serious…

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