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  • Coverage of Elections (Letter to the Editor)

    Published in The Irish Times 14th May 2009 Madam, – As we begin the final stages of the local and European elections campaign it might be worthwhile reflecting on how politics and these elections are covered in the media. Unfortunately, political integrity and commitment are often presented as if they only occur at the extremes.…

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  • Local Government (Article in Village Magazine)

    The following article appears in today’s Village magazine. “Should I stay or Should I go?” So sang The Clash in their classic hit of the 1980’s. According to “Village” it is a question being asked by many members of City and County Councils, particularly in the Dublin area. In the December issue, former Councillor, Mick…

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  • Register to Vote

    It’s that time of year again – the Electoral Register is being prepared.  At Dublin City Council, we’ve come up with a poster to encourage those who may not have been born here, but still have a right to vote, to register. As readers may or may not know, anyone can vote in Local Elections…

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  • Democratic Convention – Clinton & Obama

    Like many political people, I’ve been watching the Democratic Convention in the US closely.  Bill Clinton’s speech last night was fantastic.  Whatever you think of him, he can definitely hold a crowd. I’ll be watching Barack Obama‘s speech tonight (well, tomorrow morning).  It’s set to be a great one.

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  • Swords not alone in boundary problems (Letter to the Editor)

    The Editor The Sunday Tribune (published 17th August 2008) The report (News, 10 August) outlining the problems caused by the illogical division of constituencies highlighted problems in Swords. Unfortunately Swords is not alone. The recent announcement of boundaries for the new local government electoral areas offers many more bewildering situations. Given the stated role of…

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