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  • Monthly Report from Councillor Dermot Lacey – September 2010

    Development Plan: The main focus of work over the last few months has been the preparation of a new City Development Plan 2011-2017. In all there were over 900 amendments tabled by Councillors of which I tabled approximately 100. These ranged from issues of height and densities, transport corridors, protection of public open space and…

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  • An Overdue Update

    It’s been far too long since I posted here and when I look back through my diary I see what an amazingly active period it has been. At Labour Party level we have see the successful conclusion of the Lisbon Referendum campaign, the first meeting of the new Central Council and the continued leadership of…

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  • Eamon Gilmore – Local Issues – A New Neighbour

    It’s been a busy few days starting with the Labour Party NEC on Saturday. There, the main business was discussion on Motions for the National Conference, recommendations regarding the 21st Century Labour Commission and the state of the economy and our response as a Party. What was palpable was the huge respect for Eamon Gilmore…

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  • Local Government Reporting – Letter to the Editor (SBP)

    The Editor, The Sunday Business Post. Dear Editor, The article High Time for high-rise (Stephen Price, Agenda 11th January) more than anything highlighted the need for The Sunday Business Post to employ a Local Government Correspondent. Now, I will leave it to others to defend “greedy builders” – I have no intention of doing so.…

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  • Christmas Recycling & Bin Arrangements

    The arrangements for Christmas bin services have just been announced. Black & Brown Bins There will be no collection on Christmas Day.  Bins due to be collected on Christmas Day will instead be collected on Saturday 27th December. There will also be no collection on New Year’s Day.  Bins due to be collected on New…

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  • Community Congratulations – Milltown

    At a time when young people and community activity is often criticised it give me great pleasure to be able to Congratulate three local Groups: St. Joseph’s Junior Traveller Education School, Milltown: As Chairperson of the school I am so proud to be able to announce that the pupils in St. Joseph’s secured a 100%…

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  • Scully’s Field, Milltown

    The campaign to secure Scully’s Field as part of the Dodder Linear Park is ongoing and I have used every opportunity to continue to raise this at City Council level. Following the publication of new regulations about building on floodplains the City Manager has agreed to write to the Minister for the Environment seeking funds…

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  • Councillors & Planning Laws (Letter to the Editor)

    Letter to the Editor of The Irish Times, published 12th November 2008 Madam, – Your Editorial “Planning laws and best practice” (November 7th) displayed as balanced an approach to planning and the role of councillors that I have seen in a long time. I will leave it to others to defend those “greedy builders”; I…

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  • Press Release: President of Planning Institute is wrong and should get his facts right

    The President of the Irish Planning Institute should get some facts rights before taking cheap shots at elected Councillors according to the former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Councillor Dermot Lacey. In my experience it has been Councillors and not the planners who have defended good quality planning and the City Development Plan. So, before President…

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