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  • Gordon Street development – support for residents of South Lotts

    26th April 2016     The Secretary, An Bord Pleanala, Marlborough Street, Dublin 1.     Re: Appeal against the decision by Dublin City Council to grant planning permission to Oranswell Properties Ltd. for demolition of existing storage and other incidental buildings and the construction of a residential development with a total of 10 residential…

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  • Ballsbridge Decision – Investigation to be sought at Dublin City Council Meeting (Press Release)

    Statement by Councillor Dermot Lacey Labour Party Councillor Pembroke Rathmines 1st Februrary 2008 In view of the clear rejection of the Mountbrook ( Sean Dunnes) proposal for Ballsbridge as being inconsistent with the Dublin City Development Plan it is imperative that a full investigation into the process that led to the original decision granting permission…

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  • Local Government Reporting – Letter to the Editor (SBP)

    The Editor, The Sunday Business Post. Dear Editor, The article High Time for high-rise (Stephen Price, Agenda 11th January) more than anything highlighted the need for The Sunday Business Post to employ a Local Government Correspondent. Now, I will leave it to others to defend “greedy builders” – I have no intention of doing so.…

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  • Councillors & Planning Laws (Letter to the Editor)

    Letter to the Editor of The Irish Times, published 12th November 2008 Madam, – Your Editorial “Planning laws and best practice” (November 7th) displayed as balanced an approach to planning and the role of councillors that I have seen in a long time. I will leave it to others to defend those “greedy builders”; I…

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  • Cost of land cannot be a yardstick – The Irish Times

    Today’s Irish Times continues their coverage of the An Bord Pleanála hearing into Seán Dunne’s proposals for his site in Ballsbridge.  They cover Dermot’s contribution to the hearing as their leader on the subject: THE PRICE paid for land cannot be allowed to become the “yardstick” by which planning decisions are made, Labour city councillor…

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  • Ballsbridge Development

    Sean Dunne’s plans for the former Berkeley Court and Jury’s site have been described as bold and imaginative – and indeed they are. Perhaps perfectly designed for a nice new site – in Dubai. However Ballsbridge is not Dubai nor was it recommended for high rise development in the independent study commissioned on this issue…

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  • ABP Hearing – Ballsbridge

    At the An Bord Pleanala hearing into the proposed developments in Ballsbridge last Thursday (23rd July), I told the Inspector hearing the appeal that the choice before An Bord Pleanála was whether to uphold the integrity of the Development Plan process by refusing permission or to throw out the entire process and allowing unplanned development…

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  • ABP Hearing: Ballsbridge Development

    The An Bord Pleanála oral hearing into the proposed developments on the former sites of the Veterinary College and Jury’s Hotel in Ballsbridge begins today. The hearing is open to the public, and will be held in the RDS. Many local residents groups are parties to the appeal, including: Nutley Residents Association, the Pembroke Road…

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