Councillor Dermot Lacey

April 2005

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  • Letter to Editor – Commitment to Local Government

    The Editor Letters Page Magill Magazine Dear Editor, Your “Wigmore” column “lawyers for labour” last month clearly attracted my attention. As a Public Representative in Dublin South East for the last twelve years I am obviously interested in, and committed to, the future of the area in which I have lived all my life.

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  • Letter to Editor – Habitat for Humanity Project

    The Editor, Letters Page, The Irish Times, D’Olier Street, Dublin 2. Dear Editor, Congratulations to Louise Holden and The Irish Times on the excellent article (27th April) outlining the positive work of young people from Dublin involved in the Habitat for Humanity project. This sort of community endeavour is replicated in virtually every community and…

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  • Anti-Social Behaviour Must be Tackled

    “Community policing is a very important and effective tool in fighting the misery and disruption wreaked across communities by the destructiveness of antisocial behaviour. Antisocial behaviour is anti community and action is required on a number of fronts,” Councillor Dermot Lacey has said.

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  • Poolbeg Treatment Plant

    Speaking after a meeting between City Council Management and local Councillors, former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Councillor Dermot Lacey, welcomed the announcement that CDM – a Boston based consultantcy firm – have been commissioned to prepare a report on how the major odour problems at the Waste Treatment Plan at Poolbeg can be resolved.

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  • Lacey Calls for Forum on Local Government Financing

    Speaking at the 1st National Conference on Local Government Financing organised by Carlow Chamber of Commerce former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Councillor Dermot Lacey, called for a major reform of Local Government and as part of that process the establishing of a National Forum on Local Government financing.

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  • Letter to Editor – Government on Poolbeg Incinerator

    The Editor, Letters Page, The Irish Times, Dublin 2. Dear Editor, I don’t doubt the personal sincerity of Councillor Wendy Hedermans opposition to the planned incinerator at Poolbeg (letters 15th April). Unfortunately for us all however her Party – the Progresive Democrats – if judged by their actions, not their words, obvously do not share…

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  • Liberty Week

    LIBERTY PROJECT TO MARK LABOUR MOVEMENT ROLE IN 1916 Councillor Dermot Lacey has welcomed the Liberty Project, a joint initiative of the Labour Party and SIPTU that has been set up to mark the role of the Labour movement in the 1916 Rising as well as key events leading up to and after the Rising…

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  • Give Dublin Back the St Patrick’s Day Festival

    “Now that the dust has settled on another St. Patrick’s Festival it is time to take stock and review the programmes, operations and structures of the Festival Committee itself”, according to former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Councillor Dermot Lacey. “The fact that there is not one single representative of young people or even one single…

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