Councillor Dermot Lacey

October 2009

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  • An Overdue Update

    It’s been far too long since I posted here and when I look back through my diary I see what an amazingly active period it has been. At Labour Party level we have see the successful conclusion of the Lisbon Referendum campaign, the first meeting of the new Central Council and the continued leadership of…

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  • Letter to the Editor

    The Editor, Letters Page, The Sunday Business Post. Dear Editor, What a pity that Jennifer O’Connell (SPB 18th October) should reduce a reasonably balanced piece about the need for good planning to a typically mean-spirited attack on those living in Council housing. Thanks to the foresight of my predecessors as Dublin City Councillors my parents…

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  • Political Reform Welcome…if – Press Release

    “No doubt, the weekend pronouncements from Enda Kenny and Noel Dempsey on political reform will be welcomed by the usual chattering classes that dominate the Irish media. However, the simple fact is, that there is little point in aiming to reform our National Political structures if we do not first reform Local Government. Lack of…

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