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  • Longboat Quay

    Article published in the Evening Herald, Thursday 1st October 2015 Imagine the joy of moving into your nice new shiny apartment in the nice new shiny Dublin Docklands. Dreams and hopes of a good life ahead. Thoughts of walking to work in shiny new Google land up the road, going to the theatre in the…

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  • Developers Owe Dublin €25m

    Dermot was in today’s Irish Independent as part of a report showing that property developers now owe Dublin City Council almost €25m. “Some of it is owed for developments already done, and the rest is for developments that might not proceed,” Labour councillor Dermot Lacey said. “There is a problem about collection. There’s a fault…

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  • Construction Site Signs a Waste of Money

    Dermot was in today’s Evening Herald, talking about the ridiculous amount of money being spent erecting huge signs around developments.  An excerpt: MILLIONS of euro of taxpayers’ money is being wasted on signs erected on construction sites throughout Ireland, according to a Dublin city councillor. The official signs, which advertise projects being carried out under…

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  • Dermot on Parking – Evening Herald

    Dermot was quoted in today’s Evening Herald on Minister Noel Dempsey’s refusal to allow partial-footpath parking.  Partial footpath parking has been used in many countries across Europe, and allows cars to be parked with two wheels on the footpath where it is wide enough to still allow full access (including buggies and wheelchairs) past the…

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  • Save our Chimneys – Evening Herald

    Dermot is quoted in today’s Evening Herald in a story about the online petition to save the Poolbeg (aka Pigeon House) ESB Generating Station’s iconic chimneys. Councillor Dermot Lacey is also hoping that Dublin City Council will be able to protect the 207m twin structures from destruction. Iconic “These are iconic symbols and have provided…

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  • Evening Herald – Jamboree 2008

    The Evening Herald has some coverage of Jamboree 2008, including quotes from Dermot. Article here, and the part with Dermot: One Scouting group that celebrated their own milestone birthday this year is out in full force at Jamboree 2008. It’s 80 years since Donnybrook Scouts was set up and Labour Councillor Dermot Lacey, who is…

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